you are here for...

If there was one word to describe you it would be: 


Maybe Lonely?

Possibly even Angry... 



If there was one word to describe your current view of Christianity and/or Catholicism, it would be:


or Huh?

Maybe even F*ck Off?


Whether you're seeking the fullness of the faith, or you straight up can’t stand anyone who calls themselves "Christian", you are welcome here.


Since you are indeed here right now, I hope that you’re open to learning about or discussing faith.  If not, I hope you like my pretty pictures. If you don't like those... well, "you might be a troll if...". Just sayin'. I do take photos of bridges though, so there really IS something here for everyone.  


i am here for...

I'm a Catholic convert, wife, and mother. I don't know much, but I vividly remember the period before I believed in God.